A Borderless Cyber Europe: Community as a Driver for Cyber Threat Intelligence

Many CIOs, CISOs, and cyber threat intelligence experts are gearing up for Borderless Cyber Europe 2016. Hosted by OASIS and the European Commission, the event will focus on the value of threat information sharing and how security professionals everywhere can learn from the experiences of one another. It will be held 8-9 September, 2016 at the European Commission Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

The excitement is clearly building for this year’s conference. Just ask some of the individuals who are spearheading the event.

Take John Tolbert, for example. Tobert is vice president of cyber security at Queralt, Inc. He has been involved with OASIS for more than 10 years, having invested much time in contributing to its security standards committees. In 2014, he was recognized as an OASIS Distinguished Contributor.

For Tolbert, the decision to join the conference’s program committee was an easy one.

“Borderless Cyber Europe is an important opportunity where everyone in attendance can share and build upon their knowledge of risk management, ID management, and other broad topics that apply to everyone,” he explained.

In today’s world, there is a need for a global approach that can begin dealing with digital threats. That is because organizations located in the United States and other countries are all vulnerable to attack. From VTech in Hong Kong to the Office of Personnel Management in the United States, many companies have already experienced an attack and have weathered the recovery process.

As a result, security personnel could learn a lot from one another if given the opportunity to share their stories.

That is where Borderless Cyber Europe comes in.

“The conference is an open forum where professionals are encouraged to share their stories and lessons learned,” Tolbert observes. “IT security analysts, executives, and other personnel from different industries can put a focus on cyber threat intelligence openly and without the constraints of a specific vendor.”

Doing so will enable attendees to forge invaluable connections with people from different industries, a networking opportunity which broadens the efforts of infosec professionals individually and as a community.

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