Why Collaboration Is Essential to Addressing Digital Threats

Borderless Cyber Europe 2016 is still a few months away, but for IT security analysts and executives alike, the excitement is already beginning to build.

The event will be hosted by OASIS at the European Commission Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium on 8-9 September. There, attendees will be able to participate in discussions on the value of threat information sharing and learn from the experiences of one another.

For Dr. Robert W. Griffin, one of the individuals responsible for planning the conference, the anticipation has been growing since he attended Borderless Cyber 2015 last year in Washington, DC.

“At our 2015 event, Pierre Guislain, Senior Director at the World Bank, praised OASIS for its role in creating a worldwide environment where security professionals can come together and collaborate,” he observes. “OASIS has accomplished more than any other standards organization that I can think of. Its worldwide forum and discussion for key technical issues are unmatched.”

Dr. Griffin first engaged OASIS several years ago as a result of his connections to Entrust, an information security company, and RSA, where he currently serves as Chief Security Architect for the Security Division of EMC. He has 30 years of experience in identity management, security strategy, corporate governance, business process transformation, and software development. He is currently Chair Emeritus of the OASIS Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) Technical Committee.

In Dr. Griffin’s mind, Borderless Cyber Europe gets to the heart of three pressing issues in digital security. The first is an increase in the number and sophistication of cyber attacks, a growth in the range of hacking techniques, and an intersection of nation-state and online criminal activity. The second is an explosion of new technologies, many of which open new attack vectors against organizations. And the third is the emergence of new business models that also expand bad actors’ opportunities to infiltrate a target.

“No one is exempt from these issues,” he reflects. “Not one continent or company. This message has already been communicated at a lot of industry events. But there’s a second piece, one which makes Borderless Cyber Europe unique. It is the notion that as our discussions take place on a global scale, so too must our solutions. Collaboration is the key. It is essential to addressing threats of all kinds.”

With that perspective in mind, Dr. Griffin feels attendees to Borderless Cyber Europe 2016 will walk away with three things: information of what’s happening around the world, the opportunity to participate in discussions as far as what we can do to better respond to threats, and plenty of connections with other professional and leaders in the industry.

“If we can foster discussion through this conference, if we can look for ways to share information at multiple levels with one another, we put ourselves at the leading edge of the type of collaboration we need to protect ourselves against the threats of tomorrow.”

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