Creating a New Level of Readiness for Today’s Cyber Defenders

Today’s digital threats are more numerous and sophisticated than ever. In fact, it often takes decades of experience working in information security before one can begin to make sense of it.

Fortunately, experts like Roland Cloutier possess that level of insight into security.

Cloutier has been involved in information security for more than 20 years. He began in international law enforcement with the United States government, but he eventually decided to go back to school and become a computer science major. Since then, he was built security systems for multinational clients with an emphasis on cyber defense and operations as well as established his own security consulting firms. He now works at business outsourcing provider ADP Worldwide Services as the company’s staff vice president, chief security officer. In that capacity, he specializes in designing intelligence-led security programs and building operational security organizations that incorporate security, risk, and privacy.

In Cloutier’s mind, one of the biggest information security challenges confronting businesses today is the fact that people can freely abuse the web. That’s because the Internet makes it difficult to identify let alone punish offenders:

“Anonymity of the internet and the varying global cyber laws make it difficult to assign attribution and allow for ‘root cause removal’ of online threats,” Cloutier explains. “As cybercrime is anonymous and ubiquitous, it’s difficult to stop criminal acts because it’s not easy to pinpoint the criminals themselves.”

He also notes how organizations forget there is a bad guy on the other side of the computer who can oftentimes modify their attack to evade detection by traditional security tools, which means a company might not learn of an attack until it’s too late.

To help organizations protect against such sophisticated threats, Cloutier will present at Borderless Cyber Europe on business operations protection. Specifically, he will discuss how over-the-horizon planning, threat intelligence sharing, and resource alignment can help provide organizations with a new level of readiness for today’s cyber defenders.

Cloutier hopes attendees will learn from his talk how they can better respond to digital threats:

“It’s key that security practitioners follow the over-the-horizon threat defense concept. Otherwise, companies have no reliable way of knowing what’s hitting the industry and their competitors, let alone how to get ahold of that information and use it to form a more effective threat response.”

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Borderless Cyber Europe will be held by OASIS at the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium on 8-9, September. There attendees will have the opportunity to discuss the importance of sharing threat information and to learn from the experiences of one another.

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