Tales of Dread from the Dreadlocked Visionary: Why Free Apps are bad for Privacy

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It's hard not to love Jaron Lanier - a man whose dreadlocks and facial hair could've earned him a spot as Beorn on the second Hobbit installment; a bon-vivant and a brilliant thinker who helped pionee

OK, so I like to rant about privacy ... but that's because OASIS has a great privacy story

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When people rant about something it's either because they're blowhards, opinionated, or worried. Hopefully I'm in the third category.

Facebook and Unintended Consequences

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This is not another yawner about why standards matter.

Year-end message to OASIS members

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Dear members,

Not your Uncle Bert's APIs, or the case for standardizing APIs

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I remember the early days of the Web, when we were digging through Open Source like dwarves in Moria seeking the jewels and precious ore of APIs.

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